Concrete Crack Repair

Bigelow and Company offer concrete crack repair services with a specialized injection method of epoxy and polyurethane materials for:

  • Architectural precast panels
  • Slab delamination
  • High structure temperatures
  • Chemical and radiation resistance
  • Large voids and narrow cracks
  • Plate bonding
  • Low and high application temperatures
  • Structures subject to vibration during cure

Concrete Restoration

Bigelow Concrete Restoration specializes in the restoration and preservation of concrete structures. We offer structural and non-structural concrete restoration and repair services for the following:

  • Balconies, Decks
  • Building Exteriors
  • Columns and Beams
  • Post Tension Cables
  • Stairwells
  • Trench Drains
  • Loading Docks
  • Post Tension Decks
  • Concrete Floors
  • Parking Ramps and Garages
  • Bridges
  • Stadiums

Masonry Repairs 

Bigelow and Company’s Tuckpointing and Brick & Mortar repair contractors provide high-quality, professional commercial brick and masonry repair/restoration services:

  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick Replacement
  • Lintel Replacement
  • Sealers
  • Cleaning
  • Stone Cap Replacement
  • Flashing Installation
  • CMU Installation

For more information about any of Bigelow and Company’s commercial concrete contracting services, send us an email, give us a call (763) 999-5555, or fill out our contact form – we’re here to help.